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Do you need help with your story right now?

I can help you out by offering my storytelling expertise through a private consultation session for only 50% of $100.

I will carefully review your synopsis and offer guidance so you can develop your film. You get detailed notes via email with personalized advice to make your film even more extraordinary.


FROM IDEA TO NETFLIX Pre-Sale Ultimate Package

Discover Your Inner Documentary-Making Genius!

Imagine the thrill of creating an award-winning documentary that ignites your passion and catapults you to success in the film industry. My comprehensive two-hour course has everything you need to realize that dream!

Personal lessons, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

You'll understand documentary storytelling techniques deeply, including:

  • Creating broad and appealing ideas

  • Conducting research for your documentary

  • Developing compelling characters

  • Crafting a captivating story

  • Mastering the art of pitching

  • Packaging your project for platforms like Netflix


  • From Idea To Netflix course
  • The Secret Tools
  • 1-2h live group Q&A
  • Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking Course
  • Cracking the Netflix Code: Insider Tips to Pitch and Sell Your Documentary Like a Pro!
  • Three private consultations


What People Are Saying:

This course is amazing and has completely changed the way I look.

Izak Jackson

Amazing! One of the best! Well done and well explained.

Franco Noviello

I love all the material this filmmaker does!

Miguel Ángel Ocaña Contreras