With unwavering perseverance and determination, I successfully sold my film to Netflix without any financial support or industry backing.

I understand the challenges & skepticism of pursuing your dreams alone, but don’t let that stop you! Stay resolute in adversity, and let’s work together to make your dream a reality.

Here is what we will focus on...

Successful ideas are not enough, you need to tell a great story that impresses industry buyers to ensure success. The program starts with learning how to create a compelling narrative that attract buyers.

Navigating the industry can be daunting without support. My role is to stand by you, impart industry knowledge, and offer motivation to keep you on course, drive progress and attain your objectives.

The key to bringing your story to life lies in generating interest. I will help you develop a compelling pitch proposal including a “pitch video". Fueling the foundation of your success. But even more important, I will teach you how to pitch.

What Others Are Saying

This course was amazing and has completely changed the way I look.

— Izak Jackson

Amazing! One of the best! Well done and well explained.

— Franco Noviello

I love all the material this filmmaker do!

— Miguel Ángel Ocaña Contreras

I like that this is not about “this is how it’s done, do that and you’ll have a good picture!” no, it’s more about creativity, finding solutions, and how to think as a filmmaker.

— Abdullah Alrasheed

What's Your Struggle?

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