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Personalized Guidance: Get a one-hour session tailored just for you. Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, I'll give you tips and advice to help you improve.

Useful Strategies: Learn helpful techniques from my experience as a successful filmmaker. Discover tips that will immediately make your documentaries better.

Focused Support: Get dedicated help during our session. I'll focus on answering your questions and giving you guidance to overcome any challenges.

Flexibility: Choose a time for your session that works for you.

Rest assured, if you're not happy with the session, let me know and we'll fix it.

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Elevate your narrative through e-mail!

Are you eager to lift your story to new heights? I get it—the journey of filmmaking is full of challenges.

Having navigated these waters myself, with projects like "The Pearl Of Africa" which not only premiered in Toronto but was also picked up by Netflix, I'm here to share my journey and insights with you, directly to your inbox.

Here's what you can expect from our email-based consultation:

In-Depth Review: Send over your treatment or synopsis, and I'll dive deep, providing you with a detailed analysis and actionable feedback to refine your narrative and approach.

Tailored Advice: Regardless of the budget constraints you're facing, I'll guide you on how to craft a compelling film narrative that could catch the eye of major networks, including Netflix.

Personalized Feedback: After reviewing your submitted materials, I'll send you a comprehensive email packed with personalized suggestions focused on elevating your story and addressing specific areas of your choice.


To make the most out of this consultation, please prepare the following:

Brief Overview: Share a concise description of your film, including its subject matter, proposed duration, and a snapshot of the storyline.

Your Creative Materials: Please provide your synopsis or treatment so that I can fully immerse myself in your story's universe.

Focus Areas: Please let me know any particular aspects of your project you'd like advice on or wish to improve.

Embrace this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your independent film. Together, through our email dialogue, we'll craft a narrative that resonates and captivates.

I'm looking forward to seeing your story unfold and guiding you through the next steps of your filmmaking journey. Let's create something remarkable!

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What you get: Six one-hour sessions tailored just for you. Whether you're new or experienced, I'll give you feedback and tips to help you improve.

Proven Strategies: Learn from my experience as a successful filmmaker. Discover tips and tricks that have helped me make films people love.

Flexible Learning: Choose bi-weekly sessions or go at your own pace. Fit learning into your schedule easily.

And remember, if you're not happy with the bootcamp, we'll make it right. Don't miss this chance to improve your filmmaking skills. Sign up now and become a better storyteller!

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Feedback on your first movie version.

You've put so much effort into your documentary, staying up super late and even forgetting to eat sometimes because you're so focused on telling your story.

Now, you feel ready to share your first version with everyone.

But wait a minute! Before you share your movie, there's something big you need to think about: Is your movie really the best it can be right now?

If you're not sure and thinking, "Well, maybe it could be better," then it's crucial to know that getting feedback on your first version is super important, not just something nice to have.

I know $999 sounds like a lot, but it's actually a smart move. This is how I quickly made great movies. I asked experienced editors for help finding the best parts of my movie, and then I fixed it up based on their advice. This way, instead of spending over $50,000 on a fancy editor, I could just pay for some helpful advice and do the rest myself.

I love making movies, and I've even made some that became really popular, like "The Pearl Of Africa," which was shown at big movie festivals and even appeared on Netflix. Now, I'm excited to help you with your movie.

Here's how it works: I'll watch your first version and take many notes. Then, we'll have a chat, during which I'll tell you all about how you can make your movie even cooler and point out the big things you should work on to improve it.

Before we start, please have these ready:

  • Please provide a short explanation of your movie, including what it's about, how long it is, and a brief summary of the story.
  • A link to your first version so I can watch it.
  • Let me know if there are specific things you need help with or want feedback on. And feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Let's make your movie incredible. By working together, we're going to make something really special!

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